Books About Broken Bones and Skeleton Science

Best Children's Books About Broken Bones and Strong Skeletons

Have you ever broken an arm or leg? Have any of your friends needed a cast? Most of the time, the human skeleton is super strong. But sometimes, bones can break from an accident. Thanks to great books about broken bones, kids can learn how to survive tough times after a fracture. Science books about the skeleton can also teach children how bones heal and stay healthy.

Best children’s books about broken bones and healing

These inspiring books feature brave children with broken bones. Children can learn that other people experience similar challenges by reading different stories about broken bones. They can also see how situations can be different and how people navigate those differences.

Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It

Sammy's Broken Leg and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It - picture book about broken legs for kids

This relatable story starts with a child named Sammy jumping on a trampoline. All of a sudden – thump! Sammy falls and breaks her leg.

Thanks to realistic details and whimsical illustrations about Sammy’s experience, kids will be prepared to wear a cast and follow rules for recovery.

Sammy’s story also sheds light on practical tips, like wearing earplugs when the doctors cut off the cast. Kids with broken bones will feel encouraged by this helpful story.

Charlie is Broken! Charlie and Lola Book

Charlie is Broken! Picture book about broken bones for children

The popular Charlie and Lola series has a book about the challenges when a bone gets broken. Charlie breaks his arm while planning a circus show, and his plans change.

Charlie struggles with the unexpected limitations, and his sister, Lola, works hard to cheer him up. This sweet story celebrates sibling love and friendship during difficult times.

Maria’s Marvelous Bones: Picture Book About How Broken Arms Get Better

Maria's Marvelous Bones - chidlren's picture book about broken arm fractures

Like most kids, Maria loves to play and jump on her couch. Unfortunately, she loses her balance and falls off the top of the couch. Ouch! She cries and notices that her arm looks strange.

Written by an orthopedic surgeon – a doctor who does surgery and fixes bones – children can learn about Maria’s hospital experience, including being put to sleep, waking up with a new cast, and getting x-rays. The diverse, realistic illustrations make the book extra wonderful!

Pedro’s Big Break: Chapter Book About Broken Bones

Pedro's Big Break - kids chapter book about broken arm for children

Pedro was racing his bicycle when he accidentally hit a rock. After flying off his bike, he breaks his arm when he lands on the ground. After his doctor puts his arm in a cast, he feels sad and disappointed about all the fun activities he might miss.

Initially, Pedro feels frustrated that friends don’t seem to understand everything he can’t do. Later, he realized he could still do many fun activities with his friends.

Soon enough, his cast came off, and nothing stopped him from getting back on his bike.

Best books about skeleton science for kids

What’s inside your bones? How many bones do you have? What’s the purpose of cartilage? These amazing children’s books focus on bones that are not broken. Get ready to learn cool skeleton facts!

The Skeleton Book for Kids: Get to Know Your Bones, Inside Out

DK The Skeleton Book for Kids to learn all about healthy and broken bones

Get ready for 3-dimensional, computer-generated that bring your bones to life! The images in this gorgeous book will impress children – and grown-ups, too! Thanks to the realistic images, children can see just how strong and supportive the skeleton is.

Color-coded images also help children learn the names of different bones. Comparisons of the human skeleton and other animals are also fascinating.

As a bonus, this skeleton book comes with an impressive life-size poster.

Bones: A Science Reading Book for Kids

Step Into Reading - science book about broken bones and healthy skeletons for kids

This learn-to-read book gives a simple and light-hearted introduction to the amazing skeletal system!

From questions like “How many bones do humans have?” to “Which bone is the biggest?” kids will be intrigued by all the cool things bones do.

The big font and short sentences are also perfect for children learning to read.

Keep learning about your amazing bones!

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