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Human Body X-Ray Learning Toys for Kids
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Welcome to Human Body Learning!

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why did my heart beat speed up?
  • How do germs sneak into the body?
  • What’s so special about vegetables?
  • When can I stop taking this medicine?
  • Since my hands don’t look dirty, do I really have to wash them?

Good news! These are excellent questions to explore here.

Being curious about your body is normal and healthy.

In fact, questions are one of the most important parts of learning. And learning about your body is one of the best ways you can be safe and strong.

The tricky thing is that a lot of kids believe that science is hard to memorize. Teachers have to search for books, worksheets, and videos. Plus, many parents aren’t sure how to explain certain topics at home. Meanwhile, kids are thinking, “I wish I had a grown-up to talk to about this stuff.” The struggle is real!

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Kids, Parents, and Teachers – Human Body Learning is For You!

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Because interest acts like a highlighter pen for your memory, positive experiences help kids remember complex concepts. When Human Body Learning is fun at home and school, science facts can stick.

  • Read kid-friendly articles about your organ systems.
  • Discover your anatomy with real photographs and realistic diagrams.
  • Explore hands-on activities that bring abstract ideas to life.
  • Understand why we need to take care of ourselves and the people around us.
  • Find out which human body books and anatomy toys make the perfect gift for friends and family.

Children should explore the website together with caregivers and teachers. Each article can be a great conversation starter for families and schools. Together, let’s celebrate those “Aha!” moments!

Meet the Doctor

Hi! I’m Dr. Betty Choi, and I’m so glad that you’re here. I’m a pediatrician who is passionate about making learning relevant, accessible, and memorable. Also, I’m a mom of two wonderful children, my teammates here at Human Body Learning!

I’ll never forget the start of the pandemic, when people everywhere were thrown into homeschooling while worrying about their health. At that time, I realized that hands-on human body resources for young learners were pretty sparse. That’s why I was motivated to create an anatomy resource for my children, their friends, and all of the other great kids out there.

My children’s anatomy book, Human Body Learning Lab, is available in bookstores everywhere. This website serves as a deeper dive into each organ system with extra activities and resources!

I hope that your children and students will fall in love with reading, experimenting, and wondering, so that every “Why” can turn into a “Whoa”!

I’m truly honored to share this learning journey with you.

Dr. Betty Choi, author of Human Body Learning Lab anatomy book for kids