Printable Poop Diary and Bristol Stool Chart for Kids

Plop! Oh, that familiar sound from those trips to the toilet. Now kids can keep track of bathroom adventures with the Bristol Stool Chart and a Printable Poop Diary!

Human Body Learning Lab Poop Diary Bristol Stool Chart for Kids

How to help kids learn about poop

What does your poop look like today? Are you pooping in the morning, noon, and/or night? Was there a lot of poop, a little bit, or something in-between? Do you feel any pain in your belly or your bottom?

When you think about these questions, write down your answers in your poop diary. Then you can see if there are any patterns to your poop.

Why are poop patterns important to follow? They can help you understand how your digestive system works. You can use the information from your poop journal to take better care of your body.

With your poop diary results, you can ask your doctor for tips on how to stay healthy, like eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough exercise.

What is the Bristol Stool Chart?

The Bristol Stool Chart is a picture guide of the 7 different types of poop. This handy chart can help kids describe their poop.

Bristol Stool Chart in Human Body Learning Lab book
TypeWhat it looks likeHow it feelsWhat it means
1Little hard lumps, like pebbles or rabbit droppingsHard to push out; possible belly painConstipation
2Sausage-shaped but lumpyHard to push out of your bottom; uncomfortableConstipation
3Sausage-shaped with cracks on the surfaceEasy to push outNormal
4Smooth, soft sausage or snakeEasy to push outNormal
5Small, soft blobs with clear-cut edgesEasy to push out; possible irritation around anusDiarrhea
6Fluffy pieces with ragged edgesEasy to push out; possible irritation around anusDiarrhea
7Watery, with no solid piecesEasy to push out; possible belly pain and irritation around anusDiarrhea

Bristol stool types 1 and 2 are usually a sign of constipation.

Types 3 and 4 are normal.

Types 5, 6, and 7 are usually a sign of constipation. In particular, type 7 can be explosive. When the liquid poop suddenly gushes out, kids often describe this type of diarrhea as “peeing out the butt.”

Check out page 97 in the Human Body Learning Lab book for a picture of the Bristol Stool Chart.

Printable poop diary for kids

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